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Policy Statement

Voting is an important legal right, and a civic duty. Other than jury service, there is no higher civic duty. Equally important is the integrity of the voting system in our country. Democracy depends on the assurance that voting is done legally, freely and fairly. The Office of the State Attorney is committed to assuring election integrity through multiple methodologies including determining voting eligibility. In 2018, Florida passed Amendment 4 to the Florida Constitution. This Amendment provides that the right of a person who has been convicted of a felony(ies), (other than a sexual crime or a murder) is automatically restored upon completion of that person's sentence. The VRRVP provides a service to eligible persons who are unsure whether he or she has completed his or her sentence for the purpose of restoration of his or her voting rights.

Application Information

Download the Voting Rights Restoration Verification Application. After downloading, you will be able to fill out this form. Once you have filled out the application and it's been Notarized and signed, then you can US mail or bring the completed application to:

Office of the State Attorney
ATTN: VRRVP Department
120 W. University Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601

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