Florida State Seal followed by Eighth judicial circuit

Electronic Media Information

Office of the State Attorney Policy on Electronic Media

Statement of Policy

"The Office of the State Attorney for the Eighth Judicial Circuit shall provide the opportunity for any defendant or defense counsel to view, copy, or inspect electronic media in the possession of this office. Courtesy copies of electronic media will no longer be given to any defendant except as provided herein. This office will provide a methodology of payment for copying service for those who cannot come to this office to inspect, copy or view electronic media. The Office of the State Attorney is obligated to, and shall, provide a viewable copy of any form of electronic media in its possession, and provide equipment upon which that media can be viewed. It is not the policy of this office to acquire electronic media that is in the possession of other law enforcement agencies unless: the item of electronic media is reasonably believed to contain exculpatory information; or The State of Florida intends to introduce the content of the electronic media during trial. Some forms of electronic media are not readily able to be copied. In this event, the defendant or defense counsel may be required to view such media on the device that created the media, and at the location where that device is located. This office will provide a private space and a power source for any defendant or defense counsel who wishes to utilize his or her own equipment to view, copy or inspect media. Such space shall be suitable for attorney-client privileged conversations."