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Policy Regarding Public Records

Statement of Policy

Access to public records is guaranteed under Sections 119.07(1) and 286.011, Florida Statutes, and Article I, Section 24 of the Florida Constitution. It is the policy of the Office of the State Attorney to comply with the dictates thereof in maintaining and responding to any request made for access to or copies of records in the possession of this office. These laws provide that persons requesting public records may be required to pay for the services necessary in compiling and responding to requests. To that end, the Office of the State Attorney provides the following policy guidelines to persons or entities requesting public records so that the costs associated with compliance are recovered in a consistently fair manner, and so that the person or entity making the request can reasonably anticipate and understand the costs associated with a public records request.

Public Records Custodian

Brian Kramer
120 W. University Avenue
Gainesville, Fl. 32601


Public Records Information Sheet

Public Request Form

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